Sunday, May 3, 2009


The fact that you are reading this is a confirmation that you have "Mexican Swine Fever". This is the companion disease that accompanies Mexican Swine Flu aka Influenza Type A (variant H1N1).

In contrast with Swine Flu which is primarily a viral infection of the respiratory system, Swine Fever is a disease of the mind activated by a complex signalling process, the main vector of which is the Main Stream Media. I hesitate to call it the main stream "news" media because the word "news" carries with it connotations of impartiality, accuracy and trustworthiness. As this could be debated let me just say that the media is simply a pipeline of content, rather like a water supply (or a sewer) some of which is good to receive, some of which is poisonous and some of which is just noise.

In the Chemistry lab a small inert chip of glass is often used to help solutions in test-tubes boil evenly. This chip provides an irregular surface for liquids to vapourize against and thus boil off without making a mess. The outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico is the bumping granule around which much activity is boiling - and most of what is given off is Swine Fever. The Fever has in turn raised the temperature of the environment and is concentrating attention away from the financial collapse, which must be a welcome relief to the banking industry.

The reason that this relatively small outbreak has generated such a lot of concern is simply that the test-tube in which the flu has been incubated (or liberated*) has been growing increasingly hotter, having been cooked under the sequential bunsen burners of SARS, Avian Flu and earlier, AIDS, Ebola etc.

It is too early to tell whether this is the "Big One" or whether this will simply be a trial run for the systems and procedures put in place in airports, hospitals and Pandemic Emergency Manuals around the world. Regardless of whether the Swine Flu is a real or a virtual emergency the seeds have been sown for a harvest at least of income via "Big Pharma", if not in a harvest of lives.

If feeling the affects of Swine Fever it might be a good time to check how well prepared you are for the real thing. Do you have stocks of the basic essentials - food, water and toilet paper.

* Dr Leonard Horowitz claims Mexican swine flu is not only a deliberately engineered disease but one which is race specific - see

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