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Flocks of seagulls sitting on the rugby field is a classic storm-sign. What is happening when Kiwis return to "Godzone Country" in larger numbers than previously? Here's a collection of stories on this theme. The Cultural Revolution has definitely started.

Kiwis Decide Home's Best Source: The Press - 22 April, 2009
New Zealand
could be heading for a population blip as thousands of Kiwis stay home instead of trying their luck overseas. Net migration numbers arriving in New Zealand compared with those leaving last month was the highest for 2 1/2 years at 1720.

Migration won't affect housing market til 2010 Source: National Business Review – 22 April, 2009
“This economic cycle is also different. It’s a deep global downturn. New Zealand is suffering, but looks better than most, particularly those in the northern hemisphere. Hence, it is possible that migration will hold up better than it has in the past.”

Returning kiwis are eagerly looking for somewhere to rent Source: NZ Herald - 6 October, 2008
The article in today’s NZ Herald highlights an increase in enquiry from London based kiwis seeking employment opportunities in NZ as the credit crisis wreaks its toll on the Finance and Banking sector in the UK.

At Least 10,000 Kiwis Returning as Recession Sours OE Dreams Source: TVNZ – 17 March, 2009
More New Zealanders are turning their back on the great OE, as the tradition becomes one of the casualties of the recession. Up to 10,000 expatriates are expected to come home this year because they are struggling to find jobs and make ends meet overseas.

New Zealand Herald - 12 April, 2009
The local housing market is benefiting from tough economic conditions abroad, says John Wills of Custom Residential.

Questions to Kiwis Source - Chris Martenson Forums Hi all Kiwis! - Some questions I have regarding NZ and its situation in the coming crisis:

ChrisMartenson Forums
I was trying to start a discussion of this in another forum, but I'm eyeing NZ as an interesting place to run to. Why? Well, because you seem to have still certain advantages. Namely, NZ is far away from anywhere making it less likely to get attacked once things start to crash and secondly with a strong agriculture you'll be able to feed yourself even if cut off from the rest of the world. In terms of worst case scenario - total breakdown of the current system - those are really important advantages. Provided of course NZ society won't break down under strain these events will put on it. How do you think?

Move your Money Out Of America And Soon Source - Whiskey & Gunpowder
“It might sound counterintuitive after the sub-prime debacle, but real estate is a sound option for moving money outside of the United States; there are zero reporting requirements. It’s your business where you own property, and (so far) no one else’s. You can purchase property in a private way by setting up a corporate structure to hold the assets so that they’re not in your name (Panama is an excellent jurisdiction to set this up), and although there are many places with depressed real estate markets, there are also many with good growth potential: in Latin America, we would recommend Panama, Colombia, Uruguay, and Chile. In Europe: Slovakia, Albania, and Poland. In the rest of the world: Lebanon, Hainan Island (China), the Philippines, Cambodia, and New Zealand.

Time is of the essence – start looking for your safe haven now.”

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