Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kiwi Departees Slow - NZ Herald (21 May 2009)

Kiwis seeking greener paddocks has slowed according to Stats NZ. See link at the bottom for source.
According to NZ Herald . . .

The net outflow to Australia was 32,000 in the April 2009 year, down from the record net outflows of 35,400 in both the December 2008 and January 2009 years.

Permanent and long-term arrivals exceeded departures by 400 in April, compared with a net outflow of 1,300 in April last year. The increase was mainly due to 1,600 fewer long term departures of New Zealand citizens.

New Zealand's annual net migration balance was a gain of 9,200 in the April 2009 year, up from 4,700 in the April 2008 year.

While the number of Kiwis leaving these shores for good has fallen, the number returning home to live has only increased slightly - with 24,500 in the April 2009 year, just above the annual average of 23,400 seen for the 1979-2008 December years.

"Arrivals of New Zealand citizens tend to show little variation year-to-year," said Statistics NZ.

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